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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Summer is rapidly approaching and while I am excited about the warm weather, pool, and time off; I am kinda freaking out about fitting 2 novels into the remaining 2 months of school.  It will be done! 

I have been embracing the weather by redecorating my deck.  I went to HomeGoods (an awesome discount store) and got some new, cool things.  I also got new chairs at 50% off from World Market.  I loved the old chairs, but they weren't really comfortable. 

Porch before--some cute pieces but that darn orange camping chair... It was comfy at least.  But I didn't want it on my porch anymore.

The other side of the porch before. Even the watering can is on its side...

New decor--view from my living room.

This is the side that had the orange chair.  I am going to be using that bag of soil so it will be gone soon.

Other side after--that wall needs something.  I have ideas...

There are no electric lights on my porch so I have lanterns.  I found these at HomeGoods and I LOVE them.  They are the blue color, the glass is pressed glass and the brass has intricate designs punched in it.

The plant stand I rescued from my grandma's last year.  I am still working on collecting cool (and cheap) pots.  I loved this mirror too--I think it's an unexpected touch. 

And finally, the rug I got from thefoundary.com for less than $20!  It has such pretty colors!  And keeps me from tracking stuff inside

Next week: plants!  I will, of course, have pictures to share.  I have also really been channeling summer through my cooking lately:

Fried shrimp, coleslaw and hashbrowns with dill.  Pan frying a few shrimp for one is really easy!  I recommend trying it.

Steak fajitas!  I made a quick pico de gallo and a Mexican rub for my steak.  The steak was so good!  Tip: cook the steak first, then the peppers and onions.  It gives the steak time to rest, seasons the veggies, and the hot pan gives the peppers the charred look and taste you want.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Chair!!

Over the past year, I have been in the process of updating my apartment and purchasing quality furniture that will last me for years and years.  I look at it like an ongoing art project--I just love interior design!  I got a new couch around November, purchased a really nice quilt (that I am STILL waiting for!) and yesterday--I bought a new chair!! 

I am member of several interior design flash sale sites--most people my age are members of designer clothes flash sales.  Not me.  I really recommend checking them out--amazing deals and neat stuff!  There's The Foundary, One King's Lane, and Joss & Main--where I got the chair. 

But first, let me tell you about my old chair... I bought it from a cheap furniture store when I first moved here 3 years ago.  It only cost about $299 for the chair AND ottoman.  I thought it was quite a deal, and it was the blue color I love.  But 3 years later, the thing is a blemish in my apartment.  The construction is quite cheap and time is a wrecker.  The fabric is also ridiculous. It's not microfiber, just regular fabric (polyester I think) but if i run my fingernails across it--BAM! white streaks that won't go away.  If I spill water--yes, water--on the chair, it creates a stain.  And the back of the chair has acquired some odd brown stain.  You'd think I was always dirty when I sat in it.  Which I rarely do anymore.   So here is my old chair in all its glory:
So when Joss & Main featured a furniture company I love (Hotel Maison), I was watching.  And saw the chair I had been waiting for.  Top grain leather (so excited!), creamy white, button tufted back, glamorous old Hollywood style.  And all for a very reasonable price thanks to the flash sale discount.  It's coming around May 5th and I can't wait.

Now I just have to decide what to do with the old chair... I'm too embarrassed to donate it.  So throw it off the balcony or burn it in effigy?