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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Upcoming Movies I Want to See

Summer will be here in about a month for me.  No more classes... no more books. This is the most accurate depiction of teachers and summer break I've seen:

So summer out means that I have time to catch some movies.  Here are a few I find particularly enticing that are coming out in the next few months.

1. Super 8

Same production company that was responsible for "Lost" (Bad Robot) and potentially cool 70s soundtrack--I'm in.

2. The Trip

Hilariously funny British guys, fine restaurants and food jokes, funny bad impressions. It's a little like The Odd Couple for restaurant reviewers.

3. The Art of Getting By

This has the potential of being good... or being trite and formulaic. However I have had many students like George and I love the term "Teflon Slacker."

4. Bad Teacher

So I have a major thing for Justin Timberlake... and Justin as a slightly nerdy teacher in glasses... too much! Also has Jason Segal, star of my fav. show HIMYM

5. Prom

Yeah it's a Disney movie and targeted at people half my age. But as a teacher, I find these kind of movies hilarious on a whole different level. It's Prom season now. The students are doing some silly things to ask out their potential dates. Including a student who stood on the roof with a poster rolled into a tube to unfurl when his date walked by. The tube looked like something else. Police and helicopters were called. True story.

6. Another Earth

When I was little--middle school and early high school--I would do nerdy things like read A Brief History of the Universe and journal about my ponderings regarding the universe. Another Earth was something I was frequently obsessed with--it's a possibility. Just think about it!

7. One Day
I've been following this one for awhile, loved the idea. And finally there is a trailer to watch.

Yes, the accents... But the story looks really good.

8. Tintin

I'll probably wait until this comes out on Netflix, but I am excited about this. I remember watching the original cartoons on HBO with my mom and I absolutely loved them. Gives me a fuzzy feeling of nostalgia.