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Friday, April 27, 2012

Things I wished for as a kid

I was a big daydreamer, it comes with being an introvert.  And today when I see things that remind me of my silly girl fantasies, I can't help but get excited.  And think "what if..." no matter how ridiculous.  There is a moral to this post, stick with it.

1. I wanted to be queen of the roller rink.

OK 80s/90s kids, get with me on this.  You had a birthday at the local roller rink.  You held your best friend's hand during "couples skate" because you were and awkward 8 year old and had no boy friends (separate words intentional there).  Or maybe that's just me...  I remember my mom had us all wear matching caps to keep track of us.  With a splattered paint pattern.  Neon paint.  It was the early 90s, shut up.  Pictures exist and if I had access to them, I would share.  Until then, I will share this rocking video with you:

2. I also wanted to be queen of the talent show (I had all kinds of grand dreams)

Every year, my school held a talent show (shout out to Oak Hill Elementary!) and I don't even remember what kids did.  I'm sure there was singing, magic tricks, "comedy" and dancing.  But I always had this dream of doing my own routine.  I never did.  But what I wanted to do was based on my favorite Christmas movie (well, tied favorite--All I Want For Christmas is also a fav). I couldn't find video of the actual routine, but if you've seen the movie it's the Mandy number.  Here's a screenshot...

3.  I wanted a Power Wheel.

I just had to google "cars for kids" because I couldn't remember what they were called.  But Power Wheels were like the holy grail of toys for me.  My friend.. Brittany... Michelle... I don't remember, had one and I was so envious.  Clearly, considering how many details I remember, this has had a lasting effect in me.... not! (Sorry, 90s kid coming through there.)

I remember this commercial.  As an adult, I'm a little freaked out by the line "Come on Flo, let's really go!"  Hopefully I'm just not hearing that right.

4. I was an "artiste"

Yeah, I drew people with 12 fingers.  Look at Picasso.

This is "Girl with Pillow"  He seems to have under-compensated the amount of fingers.  I was over.  Together we'd make a great team. 
To this day I still love to do crafts. I have lots of great ideas, I just don't always know how to execute them.  Well, honestly it's that I don't have the confidence to.  I took an art class last summer and it turns out that I can draw.  Who knew?

So here's the moral of this story, the one thing I never dreamed of was my wedding.  And now that I have to plan one, I have NO IDEA where to start.  So if you aren't one of those girls who plans her wedding out without even having a boyfriend... BECOME ONE.  If you plan on getting married ever, those early plans will help.  Right now, I'm completely clueless.   If you're one who has already married and made it through, I ask you now... HELP!!

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