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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Would I ever move to Portland...

Probably not.  But I have discovered Portlandia on IFC and it is hilarious!  The show is a sketch comedy series that pokes fun at several trends in our society right now--from the local food movement, to recycling, to crafting, to technology overload, and even brunch (I really don't get the "lets do brunch" thing.  It's early. It's a weekend. I can make eggs at home in my PJs and not be forced to make conversation at 10:00 on a Sunday.)

I really want to share some of the clips that I love but I am going to try to hold back and just do the top 5 clips, which will be hard enough.  The show is about to end it's second season now, but the entire first season is on Netflix instant view.

1. Jewelry making.  This song has been stuck in my head all night--if it was on iTunes, I'd totally buy it and rock out to it pre-crafting

2. "Did you read that?"  In the academic world (and, frankly, in life) I often encounter people who try to show off their intellectual prowess by bragging about how many articles they've read.  And it does become this ridiculous contest...

3. "Put a Bird on it!" Seriously, just do it.  Now it's quirky and cute! I think half the things in Anthropologie have birds on them--not that I don't still like it.

4. "Over!"  People like this bother me... and we've all known one or two.

5. "Is it local?" Colin has papers...I like local, free range meats. They do taste better and it feels more humane. But some people get way too wrapped up in it.

Anyone else out there as big a fan of this show as I am? I hope there's a season 3!

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Anonymous said...

IFC??? This is so funny! I have to find it